Khashayar Rahimi

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Silicon Valley: Better Than Ever

The cast of Silicon Valley / Courtesy of HBO

As HBO’s comedy-drama, Silicon Valley, enters its third season, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best shows currently running. Writers powerfully manage new characters and balance them throughout the show. Removing Peter Gregory, Adding Laurie Bream, and then Russ Hanneman and now Jack Barker. They know when to add people to change the game. They create new issues in new platforms for the main characters, constantly changing their current aims.

Alongside great characters, Silicon Valley is shaped by incredible humorous jokes and situation comedy. This particular aspect has more space to show off in the new season as the heavy and serious problems are aside. Pied Piper finally is funded and has a new office. There’s no lawsuit, no stealing the algorithm like before and there’s no Nucleus (at least for now). The conflict has become more company insider.

Mike Judge’s fresh series is improving and experiencing new spaces based on its core theme. Silicon Valley is now better than ever. Enjoyable, challenging, and funny.

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